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Cloud Computing

Accelerating the changing market for delivered data services DC West provides in combination with traditional colocation, Virtual Infrastructure powered by CloudSigma. Just like with colocating a server Cloud Computing gives you a slice of self contained ‘computer power’, but backed off high availablility storage fabric and processing nodes.


Cloud Computing can be switched in and out on demand (monthly) and scaled to suit your current requirements. Importantly, you can easily upgrade your storage / processing / memory requirements with minimal costing.


We can easily ‘blend’ your traditional hardware (colocated servers) to offload simple tasks to extend the life of capital equipment investment on their own self contained network (eg. Software firewall, DataBase server integration, Development/Backup system) Our staff can tailor a solution to your needs by utilising a variety of technologies.


With the move towards ‘energy efficiency’ in our data centre many customers have seen the migration of traditional hardware systems onto our Virtual platform. We offer a variety of virtualisation services that can help reduce both the cost and environmental impact of the computing needs of your business.


Features :


blue-tick High availability deployment powered by CloudSigma Technology
blue-tick Provides high integrity with duplication across multiple systems
blue-tick Daily snapshots of Virtual Machines
blue-tick Hands-On interaction available (onsite) – Bridging the gap between Virtual and Physical
blue-tick Local Perth based public Cloud Infrastructure

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